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eni Named One of 2017’s Best Companies to Work for in New York State

Zika Virus

How to Throw a Party

Life Event Technology

Engaging Millennials

OSHA Issues Final Recordkeeping Rule

Organic Produce that is Worth the Price

Qualifying Events for Changing or Cancelling Health Insurance

Creating Connection – Increasing Engagement

Spring Maintenance

BalanceBenefits: Brokering Communication Across Generations

Final Overtime Rules Release Date Still Remains Uncertain – Are You in Compliance?

The Importance of Stretching


Maximize Benefit ROI in 2016!

Five Must See Shows on Netflix

BalanceBenefits and the Mobile Broker

The “Appification” of HR

eni Named One of 2016’s Best Companies to Work for in New York State

Performance Reviews Done Right

Remaining Active Throughout the Winter!

2016 Changes to Minimum Essential Coverage

All Your Benefits in the Palm of Your Hand

Four Fun Winter Activities

Employee Benefits: How They Benefit You and How BalanceBenefits Can Help

Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Get All Your Benefits in the Palm of Your Hand!

Dental Insurance FAQs

Balance Your Benefits… Balance Your Life

Best Buys for Fall

Fair Labor Standards Act Update: Notice of Proposed Rulemaking: Overtime

Gamification – Increasing Interest in Your Web & Mobile Applications!

Ready for the C-Suite, HR? BalanceBenefits is Your Strategic Partner

Effective Communication Tips

High Blood Pressure and Your Diet


Choosing Between Insurance Plans

Are You Transactional or Transformational

Water - An Essential Nutrient

Eliminate the “Benefit Haze”: How BalanceBenefits Helps Employees Navigate Their Benefit Offerings

How to Handle Difficult Conversations with Employees

How to Make the Most of Your Health Fair

Skin Protection Tips from eni’s Wellness Experts

Announcing the First Annual Regional Executive Wellness Summit

Insurance Data Breaches and Identity Theft

Spring Cleaning Tips

Engage Employees with BalanceBenefits & Increase Productivity

eni’s IT Experts Explain Big Data

eni Explains the Benefits of the Video Therapy

How to Successfully Recruit Millennials

Professional Development – The Importance of Continuous Education on a Personal and Organizational Level

Heart Healthy Lifestyle Tips from eni’s Wellness Experts

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The Affordable Care Act - What You Need To Know

Integrate Your Benefits Today

Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

Win the Talent Wars with BalanceBenefits: Attract & Retain Top Talent

Annual Employee Handbook Review

Holiday Stress Relief: Nurturing Yourself

Holiday Fit Tips from eni’s Wellness Experts

Take Advantage of eni's Virtual Ask-A-Counselor Feature

Choosing the Right Health Insurance for You!

BalanceBenefits Revolutionizes Benefit Administration & Management

Successful Companies Invest In Their People!

Family Time This Fall

Corporate Culture: How Benefit Integration Promotes A Thriving Culture

EMPLOYER ALERT: EEOC Issues Updated Enforcement Guidance on Pregnancy Discrimination and Related Issues

Successful Time Management


eni is Revolutionizing the HR Industry

Understanding HIPAA and Your Privacy

Establishing a Cost Effective Whistleblower Hotline Protects Your Bottom Line

What is Your Organization’s Greatest Training Frustration

Funding Veterinary Bills – Tips from eni’s Work/Life Experts

Knowledge Points: Connecting Employees to their Benefits

Internal IT Customer Service from eni's Experts

The Importance of Taking a Vacation – Tips from eni’s Experts

Special Enrollment Periods For The Marketplace

Using Effective Communication Skills to Expedite Conflict Resolution

Slow Down for your Waistline – Tips from eni’s Wellness Experts

Visit eni at the SHRM National Conference in Orlando

BalanceCare Health Advocacy Services

Visit eni at the SHRM National Conference in Orlando

The Importance of Training Needs Assessments

Surviving Summer With Kids

Life Events: How Integrated Benefits Work Together to Assist Employees

eni’s IT Experts Explain Why Technology Must be Agile, Flexible & Easy to Master

Life Coaching Explained by eni’s Experts

Share Your Customer Service Stories with eni

“Hours of Service” Definition Clarified by Recent Pay or Play Rules

Improve Sleep with Tips from eni’s Wellness Experts

Protect Your Employees & Your Bottom Line with a Tips Hotline

Insurance Tips While Traveling

Utilize eni’s Mobile App to Enhance your Member Experience

Icebreakers Can Provide Value to Your Training

Spring Break Travel Tips from eni’s Work/Life Experts

The Magic of Performance Agreements: Seamlessly Integrating Your Employee Benefits

Tech Trends Brought to you by eni’s IT Experts

Dealing with a Long Cold Winter – Tips from eni’s Experts

HR Alert: January 1, 2014 Minimum Wage Increases

Top Ten Customer Service Strategies for the New Year

Connect with eni in 2014

eni’s Health Advocates Provide Information on Medicare

Establishing a Cost Effective Whistleblower Hotline Protects Your Bottom Line

Have a Stress Free Holiday Season – Tips from eni’s Experts

The Value of a Training Needs Assessment

Maximize ROI … or “Return on Integration” on Your Employee Benefits

Protect your Computer from Viruses

Black Friday Shopping Tips from eni's Work/Life Experts

Healthcare Reform Update

Resolve Customer Complaints Quickly

Incorporating Veggies into Your Child’s Diet

eni’s CEO Presents at the 2013 World EAP Conference

Saving on Prescription Costs – Tips from eni’s Health Advocates

Integrate to Communicate – Tips from eni

Compliance Training is a Must

eni’s Personal Assistants Ease Back to School Stress

Integrated Benefit Solutions Deserve Expert Designers

Collaborative Technical Solutions

Coping With Back to School Depression - Advice from the National Institute for Mental Health and the work/life experts at eni

Marketplace/Exchange Notice Alert from eni’s HR Experts

No News Is Good News… Not Necessarily

eni’s Wellness Experts Explain Connection Between Migraines & Food

eni’s Family Fun Picnic

Preventive Care Benefits

Inexpensive Summer Activity Tips from eni’s Work/Life Experts

Increase Employee Benefit Awareness and Engagement

Adjusting Your Communication Style

eni’s Benefit Experts Explain The Importance of a Needs Assessment

Mobile Apps are Trending!

Summer Activities to Keep Kids Happy, Healthy, and Engaged

Setting Clear Performance Expectations – Tips from eni’s HR Experts

Caring Is Key to Customer Loyalty

The Health Benefits of Cutting 100 Daily Calories

Download eni’s Complimentary Benefit Integration eBook

Affordable Care Act Update from eni’s Health Advocates

Training as punishment, or opportunity?

eni’s CEO Gene Raymondi to speak at the 2013 Total Rewards Conference

Planning a Move? eni’s Personal Assistants Can Help!

Coming Soon – eni’s Exclusive Benefit Information Portal

Updates vs. Upgrades – Tips from eni’s IT Experts

Onboarding Tips from eni’s HR Experts

Planning an Intervention... Counseling can Help

Health Care Reform Alert

Eager to Serve

The Big Fiber Fib

eni Participates in the Southern Tier Heart Walk

Medical Abbreviation Explained by eni’s Health Advocates

Corporate Training Trends

eni’s CEO to Present Complimentary Webinar on Benefit Integration

Helpful Online Resources Courtesy of eni’s Work/Life Experts

Introducing … eni’s BalanceBenefits Benefit Information Line!

Dynamic Solutions & Genuine Relationships = Great Customer Service

How to Prevent Back Pain – Tips from eni’s Wellness Experts

Top Blog Picks from eni’s Technology Experts

Adapting to changes in Health Care Reform Law 2013 and Beyond

eni’s Clinicians Present Tips to Beat Holiday Stress

What’s New at eni

Gap Plans Explained by eni’s Health Advocates

Preventing Corporate Fraud

Utilizing CRM Software for Sales and Customer Service

The Value of Icebreakers

eni’s BalanceBenefits FAQ’s

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Portion Control Tips from eni’s Wellness Experts

Data Warehousing Concepts

Lead, Motivate and Inspire Employees

Helping Children Deal with Bullying – Tips from eni’s Clinicians

Fall Activity Tips from eni’s Personal Assistants

eni’s Health Advocates Present Deductible and Coinsurance Information

Improving Retention – Tips from eni’s Training Experts

eni’s CEO to Lead a Discussion on Benefit Integration

Healthy School Lunch Tips from eni’s Wellness Experts

Business Apps for the Ipad

Employee Records and Personnel Files – Tips from eni’s HR Experts

College Transition Tips from eni’s Clinicians

eni Attends the 2012 New York State SHRM Annual Conference

Beat the Heat with Tips From Your Personal Assistant

Lab Work FAQ’s Brought to you by eni’s Health Advocates

Benefit Integration 101

eni attends the 2012 SHRM National Conference and Exposition

The Importance of a Training Needs Assessment

21st Century Customer Service

Vendor Partnership Tips from eni

Live Healthy On Vacation This Summer

eni is Proud to Participate in the YMCA Corporate Challenge

Effective Employee Orientation Tips from eni

Moving Tips from eni’s Clinicians

Summer Safety Tips from eni

Qualifying Events – Tips from eni’s Health Advocates

Take Advantage of eni’s New Ask-a-Counselor Feature

Trending Now: Benefit Integration

Training Evaluation Tips From eni

The Impact of Poor Customer Service

IPAD Advice from eni’s Technology Experts

How to Start Eating Healthy Everyday - Tips from eni

Creative Benefits Packages

Correcting Unwanted Behavior in Children – Tips from eni

Vacating Planning Tips from eni

Medicare Part B Tips from eni: Primary or Secondary Payer

eni Attends The 7th Annual Employer Health and Human Capital Congress

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Preventing Employee Burnout

Measuring Customer Satisfaction

How to stick with your New Year’s Resolutions

Tech Tips from eni

2012 – A Challenging Year Ahead for Human Resource Executives

Coping with Seasonal Affective Disorder

Holiday Baking Tips from eni’s Personal Assistants

Find a Health Care Resolution with eni’s Health Advocates

It’s Not all About You - Customer Service Tips from eni

Winter Activity Tips from eni

Sales Lessons from eni – Become a Partner

Training as Punishment, or Opportunity?

Type 2 Diabetes

Defining Your Corporate Culture

Anger Management and Forgiveness

Winter Preparedness Tips from Your Personal Assistant

Questions to ask your Surgeon

Winter Home Preparation Tips from your Personal Assistant

eni Attends CONNEX

Training in a Downturn

Customer Service with a Purpose

Are Crunches worth the Effort?

Cloud Computing

Workplace Flexibility – Meeting the Needs of Today’s Workforce

Living a Balanced Life

eni’s New Customer Web Portal

eni's Care Guides Explain Common Health Insurance Terms

Summer Safety Tips Brought To You By eni

SHRM Annual Conference 2011

Training for the Competitive Edge

The Next Generation of Customer Service

Massage and At Home Spa Techniques

Multiple Desktop Monitors Save Time

How to Attract and Retain Today’s Best Employees

The Benefits of Creative Therapies

Spotlight On: eni’s Exclusive Wellness Portal

Insurance Questions to Ask Your Doctor

eni Employees Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Trade Show Exhibitor Techniques

The Pursuit of Happiness

The WOW Factor of Customer Service

Laugh More, Stress Less

The Benefits of Using Web Conferencing

Keys to Successfully Interviewing a Candidate

Taking it Easy with eni

Spring Cleaning Tips from eni

Health Advocacy can help with Prescription Inquiries

Spring Activities Brought to you by eni

eni CEO Leads Prestigious Panel at National Wellness Congress

Customer Service at its Finest

eni Celebrates American Heart Month

Project Management Practices from eni

eni's Next Health Care Reform Update

Your EAP Benefit Can Help Cope With Stress

Sticking to a Healthy Diet with Help from your Personal Assistant

BalanceCare: Take Advantage of Health Advocacy

Achieving Your New Year’s Resolution with eni

Benefits Integration Brought To You By eni

Practicing Excellence in Customer Service

Beat the Winter Blues and Increase Health & Wellness

Connect with eni for EAP, Wellness, and Integrated Benefit Solutions!

Benefit Change Alert: 2011 Changes to Flexible Spending Arrangements

eni's Cutting Edge Call Center Technology

Preparing for the Holidays With Your Virtual Personal Assistant

BalanceCare: Health Advocacy Services

Your Very Own Personal Assistant

WHAGR Conference - Health and Wellness in the Workplace

Stuck in the Middle - Child and Elder Care

Customer Service – A Delicate Balance

Fabulous Fiber

Quality Reporting Equals Quality Business Decisions

Health Care Reform and its Effect on Small Businesses

Making the Back to School Transition

Starting School: Surviving & Thriving Takes Planning

Wellness Programs Should Reflect Corporate Culture

eni Attends Annual SHRM Conference and Expo in San Diego

ENI voted 5th Best Company to Work for in New York

Balancing Your Two Lives (Home and Work)

Proven Stress Busters

Listen Up! Creating Culture through Two-Way Dialog