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Engaging Millennials

Posted by Blog Tipster on Thu, Aug 11, 2016 @ 11:54 AM


The Millennials are coming, the Millennials are coming … the Millennials are here!  Armed with shiny smart phones, mobile devices, and cloud based technology, this knowledgeable group of technological revolutionaries are ready to collaborate and contribute to your workforce.   More than 1 out of every 3 workers today belong to the Millennial generation and, by 2025, Millennials are expected to comprise nearly 75% of the global workforce (The Brookings Institution, 2014).  The Millennials are here to stay and they are raising the technological bar for companies across the globe.  While their presence in the workforce is well known, their longevity with any one employer is not.  In fact, a 2016 study showed that “66% of Millennials express a desire to leave their organizations by 2020” (Deloitte, 2016).  With the cost of recruiting and training new employees ever soaring, retaining Millennials is of paramount importance to most employers. 

Perhaps the first step to retaining Millennials is to communicate with them using the technological platform that they desire, which is through mobile devices.  With nearly two-thirds of Americans owning a smart phone, mobile devices have become a “key entry point to the online world” not only for Millennials but for other generations in the workforce as well (Pew Research Center, 2015).   For Millennials, in particular, mobile devices have become an extension of who they are.  Recent research showed usage increasing for mobile devices with nearly 78% of consumer interactions occurring on them (Fluent, 2016).  

The question becomes what does this mean for the HR industry.  Well, in order to attract and retain Millennial employees, you must provide them with customized benefits, via a mobile app, that meets their individual needs and life events!  Research supports that our modern workforce, including Millennials, feels that “benefits that can be customized to meet their needs, would increase their loyalty to their employers” (MetLife, 2016).   Marry mobile technology to a tailored benefits package - and a highly engaging benefits mobile app is born!    

How pressing is the need for a benefits mobile app to engage your Millennial workforce?  A recent study found that a “desire for mobile communication among employees” for benefit information is on the rise (MetLife 2015). Employees are increasingly eager to use a mobile app to manage benefits, access benefit enrollment information, and for learning and benefit education. (MetLife 2015).  Nearly 53% of these employees in this same study reported a need, however, for “more help understanding how their benefits work or how benefits meet their needs”.  Millennials, in particular, evidenced “greater gaps in understanding” their benefits due, perhaps, to “a lack of awareness and exposure over the course of their relatively new career spans” (Metlife 2016).  

It’s time to bridge the generational gap in benefit understanding and communicate benefit information using the technological tools preferred by Millennials with a benefits mobile app!  The result will be an engaged, productive, and loyal workforce.

Contact eni for a complimentary demo of the revolutionary new mobile app that places all your employees’ benefits in the palm of their hand!

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The “Appification” of HR

Posted by Blog Tipster on Thu, Jan 14, 2016 @ 04:06 PM


Are you ready to increase employee engagement and communication?  There’s no better way than eni’s BalanceBenefits Mobile App!  It puts “All Your Benefits In The Palm of Your Hand!” and, it’s driven by Life Events!!

With nearly two-thirds of Americans owning a smart phone, mobile devices have become a “key entry point to the online world” (Pew Research Center, 2015).   In fact, mobile devices have become increasingly prevalent – there are “over 5.2 billion mobile devices and 1.6 billion smart phones as compared to 789 million laptops and 743 million desktop PCs” (Kleiner Perkins Caulfield Byers 2015).  The use of smart phones goes well beyond texting and calling, smart phones are increasingly being used by individuals to “navigate a wide range of life events” (Pew Research Center, 2015). 

Thus, it should be no surprise that mobile apps were on Josh Bersin’s mind at the 2015 HR Tech Congress. The “appification of everything” for HR was the first item on the list in his presentation “10 Tech Trends HR Cannot Ignore” (2015 HR Tech Congress).  Indeed, a recent SHRM article found that mobile apps help busy HR professionals with recruiting, performance, time and attendance, and analytics (SHRM 2012). No wonder Bersin called mobile applications a “step-change” for HR (2015 HR Tech Congress).  However, Bersin also noted that the purpose for HR software has shifted from being “systems of management” to “systems of engagement” (Forbes, 2014). Employees are increasingly using HR software for “self service” rather than tapping HR managers as employee management tools (Forbes 2014).  

Why consider using a mobile application for benefit functions for employees?  Perhaps one important reason is that a recent study found that a “desire for mobile communications among employees” for benefit information is on the rise (MetLife 2015). This “mobile movement” finds employees being increasingly interested in a mobile application for managing benefits (30%), benefit enrollment information (26%), as well as learning and education (25%). (MetLife 2015). As over half of these same employees (53%) indicated that they “need more help understanding how their benefits work or how benefits meet their needs”, and a mobile app for benefit functions can help meet this identified need. (MetLife 2015).  Indeed, perhaps because employees did not understand their benefits, nearly 42% also indicated that they “did not believe they used their benefits effectively.” (MetLife 2015)  Effective communication about benefits to employees through a mobile app can help employees both understand and use their benefits appropriately.

With eni's BalanceBenefits mobile app, employees can access ALL of their benefits with one simple app.  With the tap of the screen employees can:
  • View all available benefits
  • Access information on all benefits
  • Review benefit FAQs
  • Receive important benefit reminders
  • Live chat with a Benefit Information Specialist
  • Explore how their benefit package can support life events such as marriage, buying a home, finding childcare, travel, and much more
  • Receive a customized Integrated Benefit Report
  • Win prizes just for learning more about their benefits

Learn more about our benefits engagement mobile app and software by reviewing BalanceBenefits on our website.  You can also request a complimentary demo of our mobile app, order “Beyond Benefits” by Gene Raymondi, CEO and industry thought leader, watch our quick video, or simply send us an email requesting more information.   

We look forward to helping with your benefit needs!

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Utilize eni’s Mobile App to Enhance your Member Experience

Posted by Melissa Mayfield on Wed, Mar 12, 2014 @ 02:15 PM

Smartphones have become a way of life for most of us.  We can accomplish so much with these devices, from sending and receiving important emails to reviewing and editing important documents.  It is difficult to imagine life prior to the introduction of these tools.  With Smartphones came the advent of the Mobile App.  We now have the ability to better manage every aspect of our lives, whether it is balancing our checkbook, quickly accessing an Excel file or just sending a fun picture from the latest family adventure.  

Helping our members manage their lives is what eni does best!  Our personal and work lives have become so intertwined that we just have “life”, but handling the many stressors associated with life can be challenging.  That is why eni developed its own Mobile App called BalanceGo.  As of April 1st, every customer will be able to offer their employees this time saving and convenient tool.   Now, employees will be able to access any or all of their services through eni with the touch of a finger. 

And it’s simple to activate this service:

  1. With their Group ID and Member ID, employees will need to activate their personal web portal at www.mybalanceworks.com

  2. Once their account is activated, they will need to go to the appropriate Mobile App store for their device and download the BalanceGo app.

  3. And that’s it!  Both the web portal and mobile app will be synchronized.

  4. Now, they can make a request to their Personal Assistant service or use the Ask-A-Counselor feature.

Not only will your employees be able to increase the utilization of these highly valued services, but BalanceGo provides an opportunity to engage with you as an employer and create a greater bond between themselves and the company.

It can also be used as a recruitment and retention tool.  eni understands the very competitive nature of a shrinking talent pool and the need to recruit the most talented individuals.  So, how will your organization differentiate itself from the others?  BalanceGo allows you to demonstrate to prospective and existing employees how you are there to support them and help them create greater work-life balance.  It also acts as a constant reminder of the robust benefits package they receive as an employee of your organization. 

And for a minimal investment, you can use BalanceGo as an addition to your current communications platform.  eni can help you deliver important messages to your employees, such as the next benefits enrollment period, an impending change to one of their benefits or even a facility closing early due to inclement weather.  eni is here to help you support for employees! 

Call us today at 1-800-364-4748 x2340 for more information regarding BalanceGo or a FREE consultation regarding our other services.

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Mobile Apps are Trending!

Posted by Melissa Mayfield on Wed, Jun 19, 2013 @ 10:52 AM

P  Marketing Marketing Mobile App iphone mockup eni app resized 600Mobile Applications, aka Mobile Apps, are programs designed to run on smart phones or tablets such as Android or IOS (iPhone & iPad) devices.  Perhaps you or your company have already deployed mobile app technology or have a strategy in place.  At eni, our BalanceGo mobile app will be available later this year.

Mobile App technology has expanded over the past few years, exponentially.   According to Gartner, by the end of 2013, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common way to access the internet. Looking at the recent trends, mobile phones are not just for making calls anymore. In fact, a study revealed that making phone calls with the smart phone was only the fifth most popular use for the gadget. People spend more time using their smart phones for browsing the web, checking emails, using mobile applications, social networks, games, music and more. As more and more devices penetrate the market, the need for appropriate apps has also increased for consumers and enterprises alike. More than 1.7 million applications have been downloaded 65 billion times and the numbers are rapidly increasing. Keeping this in mind, here are some latest trends in the exciting world of mobile apps for 2013.

According to Flurry Analytics, people use their smart phones to browse the internet less than 20 percent of the time.  The other 80 plus percent is distributed in 5 main categories.  In order, Games (32%), Facebook (18%), Entertainment (8%), Utility (8%), Social Networking (6%), and other (10%) accounting for the rest. That’s a lot mobile app usage!  With only 20 percent of the usage committed to browsing, mobile app usage represents the bulk of non phone call time spent on smart phones and tablets.

As part of your mobile app strategy, it may be important to consider factors such as the target audience for the mobile app(s) you build.  There are many reputable sites available and perhaps there are some that are more relevant to your specific industry.  For general usage information on basic demographic trending, we recommend sites such as the “Out Mobile Planet” tool which Google has created.   Here you can review mobile app statistics such as usage by time frame, country, gender, age, operating system (Android, IOS, etc), key activities, and more. 

In the next few months eni’s first mobile App, BalanceGo, will be available – stay tuned!  We wish you the best of luck in your mobile app strategies.

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