New for 2021: Modernized Counseling


Helping your employees take the first step towards leading a healthy, happy life anywhere, anytime, any place.

Offering a Total Wellbeing solution to your employees shows that your organization is genuinely concerned about your employee's happiness, but it also helps increase workplace productivity and employee retention. Keeping that in mind, it is essential for employees to know that if they are experiencing a difficult time in their lives, there are benefits that can help them overcome personal or emotional challenges.

That is why eni is kicking off 2021 with modernized counseling options that are safe without compromising the quality of care.

Delivering modern counseling requires providers like eni to keep innovation at the forefront of research and development while maintaining high level customer service. Texting, live chat, and mobile requests options for intake simplify the process for initiating care. Live chat for NexGenEAP connects clients with one of our highly skilled EAP Counselors from their app or member portal for general inquiries, follow-up questions, and new intakes. The texting option for NexGenEAP users allows clients to text one of our EAP Counselors to initiate the use of EAP counseling sessions only. Lastly, clients can use their app or web portal to submit a request for counseling sessions.

2020 has been a lesson in doing things differently, and eni has adapted by providing more options for employees to connect with a mental health professional on their own time, wherever they might be. 

For information on how NexGen EAP can help your employees, contact us today!

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