Remote Working 101


Seasoned remote workers share tips on how they successfully work away from the office.

Working remotely means working differently. As many employees move from their offices to their living rooms, guidance on how to make a smooth transition is key.

While working remotely is not new, it is new to a lot of employees. A recent Gallup survey reported that about 42% of Americans do work from home on occasion. U.S. Census data indicated that about 8 million Americans worked from the comfort of their homes in 2017.

For those who are new to working from home, some seasoned experts gave a few tips on how to stay productive, maintain necessary communication and connections, and take care of yourself while adjusting to this new normal.

  • Replicate your office experience as much as possible. Maintain the structure of your regular workday including signing on and off as you would in the office. Setup a dedicated workspace, and don’t turn on the television.
  • Communicate more than normal. Working away from colleagues means that more effort has to be into making sure everyone is on the same page. Be more attentive to emails, and implement new communication platforms to encourage discussion and prevent feelings of isolation.
  • Schedule and take breaks. Just as you would in the office, schedule breaks throughout the day, including a lunch break, to give your mind and body a chance to rest and reset.
  • Be active. Take time daily to go for a walk, exercise, or any activity that gets you up and moving, with particular attention to exercises that improve posture.

Working remotely does have its benefits. In addition to eliminating lengthy commutes and allowing for an extra hour or two of sleep, Gallup found that working remotely can positively influence employee performance and engagement. The gains vary across roles, but are most noticeable when employees maintain a connection to their main offices.

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