Confidence & Calm in Times of Uncertainty

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“I need help and guidance while not being able to work due to severe anxiety, and am concerned about job security.” How do you respond?

The Tidal Wave of Anxiety

Anxiety affects 40 million adults in the United States*. Pandemics, natural disasters, and other public emergencies come with high stress and anxiety in tow. Coupled with social distancing, situations like COVID-19 test society’s limits. It’s during these times that trusted resources, like NexGen EAP are key to helping employers navigate often uncharted territory.

The 2018 American Psychiatric Association national poll revealed that U.S. adults are increasingly anxious about health, safety, and finances, with 36% of respondents reporting that they felt extremely anxious about keeping themselves or their families safe.

The stress of crisis situations manifests itself in multiple ways. According to the Centers for Disease Control, stress during a pandemic can include increased use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs; difficulty sleeping or concentrating; fear and worry about your health and that of your loved ones; and worsening of chronic health problems. NexGen EAP’s total holistic approach is invaluable during times like these.


NexGen EAP is Your Life Preserver

Now more than ever, employers are looking for resources to assist them as they navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19. NexGen EAP is a trusted resource that’s available 24/7/365 via phone, web portal, and mobile app.

  • Telephonic Counseling through NexGen EAP comes with 24/7/365 access to Master’s level counselors with at least 5 years of experience answering every call. Appointments can be switched from face-to-face to telephonic or video to alleviate travel concerns.
  • Virtual Concierge component of NexGen EAP can assist employees with filing for unemployment, and identifying alternate sources of income and child care.
  • Financial Consultations and resources are available to lend a hand with money management and budgeting to stretch dollars as far as possible.
  • Wellness Coaching and Support mean that your employees will have 1-on-1 access to wellness experts while they work from home to keep their morale up until they return to the office.
  • Health Advocacy is there to handle bills or appeals that result from immediate medical testing and treatment from out-of-network providers. NexGen EAP’s Health Advocacy can handle all of that plus assist with getting insurance cards, and more.
  • Legal Consultations and Resources will assist your HR Department as questions arise surrounding PTO, sick leave, and remote work policies and standards.

NexGen EAP is the holistic resource your company has been looking for. When stress and anxiety are high, turn to NexGen to restore security and confidence in your organization.


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