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"If there’s one thing I know about eni, it’s that every single person in this company cares about you and your people, first and foremost."

- Jenny Rae Pearson, new Executive Director of Customer Relations


2020 has proven to be a year none of us will likely ever forget. As the new Executive Director of Customer Relations, I made the huge decision to move from Wisconsin to the eni headquarters in New York right at the beginning of a pandemic. When I agreed to join the team, I definitely didn’t think my first few weeks would involve implementing business continuity plans, mastering GoToMeeting so I can get to know my customers and coworkers from afar, or learning that an acceptable social distance between two people is the length of a llama. Despite the unpredictability of these past few weeks, I sure am glad to be here.

I was first introduced to eni as a client over five years ago while working as a human resources benefits consultant for the financial representatives at Northwestern Mutual in Milwaukee. What got eni in the door was their health advocacy service. What sold me on eni was their responsiveness to our needs, the kindness every member of the team exuded, and their ability to adapt to any challenge we threw at them. The same remains true today. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, we quickly authorized our clinical provider network to switch from in-person sessions to telephonic counseling. Like many of you, we moved our teams out of our offices and into the safety of their homes. Our commitment to investing in the best technology worked to our advantage, and we brought all of our state-of-the-art call center and communication technology to bear. In just 36 hours, our team was fully virtual, and not a single opportunity to support your employees was missed. We switched your annual utilization reviews and orientations to accommodate your needs, schedules, and new work environments. We are continuing to respond to your employees as they navigate uncertainty, anxiety, illness, childcare needs, unemployment, and so much more. And we promise that we will continue to be your support system in the days, weeks, and months to come. 

If you need recommendations on how to communicate a specific topic, we’re here to help. If someone needs to talk to a counselor because they’re stressed about balancing work and having the kids at home, we’re here to help. If you need someone to guide an employee through navigating unemployment benefits, we’re here to help. If there’s one thing I know about eni, it’s that every single person in this company cares about you and your people, first and foremost. So please, give us a call, send us an email, or contact any one of us to let us know how we can help. And when it’s safe to shake your hand and thank you for trusting us to take care of your people, I’d love to do so.  Until then, be safe, stay well, and know that we’re all in this together.


Sending you my best,

Jenny Rae and the eni team


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