Creatively connecting remote employees

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Avoid miscommunication and isolation with tools like the NexGen EAP app.

Poor communication to and between may be costing your organization hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

In “The Cost of Poor Communications”, David Grossman surveyed 400 companies and found that each of them loss more than $62 million per year due to inadequate communication to and between employees. In Debra Hamilton’s article “Top Ten Email Blunders that Cost Companies Money”, she explained that smaller companies pay an even higher price for miscommunication, an average of $420,000 per year.

With so much money on the line, it is important that employers implement the best ways to effectively communicate with their employees. Add remote working to the mix, and clear communication is even more pivotal to uninterrupted productivity.

Here are some tips to help employees stay connected while working remotely.

  • Say “hello” first thing. It let’s your colleagues and team members know you’re ready for the day.
  • Use chat platforms to stay connected. Communication tools like Slack are a great way to encourage quick feedback and responses throughout the day. The video feature is a great way to see your colleagues despite distance.
  • Be responsive and communicate clearly. Work to respond to emails within 30 minutes to convey a sense of urgency. Keep everyone on the same page by outlining the top priorities for the day.
  • Be considerate of colleagues. Working remotely may mean working across time zones and between offices. Be mindful of time zone differences when scheduling meetings and gaps in availability between offices.
  • Include others in decisions. Be sure to include key personnel in big decisions to maintain and boost morale.
  • Implement tools to make communication easier. Tools like the NexGen EAP app make communication to all members of an organization easier. From communicating relevant benefits to alerts about upcoming deadlines, the notifications and calendar features of the NexGen EAP app ease communication concerns.

Establishing best practices, and encouraging ongoing, frequent communication can help make remote work more productive. How is your organization creatively connecting with remote employees?




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