The Human Experience: HR's Next Frontier


The days of “What happens at home stays at home” are gone. Employers are coming to term with the fact that the lives of their employees’ spill over into the office, and employees are beginning to look to their employers for holistic solutions to address their lives as they happen and enhance their total well-being.

How does an employer address the day to day concerns of employees who don’t openly express issues? What about the employees’ whose performance has deteriorated so much due to problems at home that they risk unemployment? Employers can give their employees access to services that work together to enhance their human experience by using a proactive, cognitive well-being approach. These same services must also be truly customized to support and reflect the company culture as well as the specific concerns your employees are facing. One such resource is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). EAPs have evolved into more than mandatory assistance for those dealing with substance abuse. EAPs today are more robust than ever before and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your workforce. This, coupled with thousands of providers promising similar services, makes it harder for an organization to determine which EAP is the best fit for their employees, will utilize a proactive approach to improve the human experience, and integrate technology to best deliver services to employees when they need them most.

In this webinar, Gene Raymondi, CEO of eni, will discuss:

  • Cognitive well-being approach enhancing the human experience and what it means for employees and organizations
  • The impact of a proactive approach to employee well-being as a key to the long-term success of organizations
  • Reimagining the EAP as a tool to enhance the Human Experience
  • HR technology as the foundation to synergistically connect normally siloed services to maintain and elevate the human experience of employees resulting in an improved employee experience.

This session will help HR Professionals better understand the role and importance of a total well-being approach as a solution to well-being maintenance through proactive programs and services that maintain and elevate employees’ Human Experience and overall well-being. Attendees will also learn how to best leverage their existing EAP and/or know what to have in mind as they conduct an EAP search.

Watch the Free Webinar here

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