Virtual Meeting Etiquette

While working remote is the norm for many people, for just as many, if not more, it’s brand new terrain. Learning the ins and outs of virtual meetings can take time and practice. At this point in the [...]

Self Care while Social Distancing

Social distancing doesn’t mean that self-care regiments have to fall by the wayside. It may be easy to abandon the practices you put in place to help you reground and recharge, but during high stress [...]

Be your most productive self while working from home

Avoid miscommunication and isolation with tools like the NexGen EAP app.

Creatively connecting remote employees

Avoid burnout when working from home

Working from anywhere can complicate work-life balance

Remote Working 101

5 Tips For Managing Your Money In A Financial Crisis

By: Tony Robinson, Financial Professional

Pandemic mixed with infodemic equals misinformation

Reliable information helps manage stress and anxiety

4 Tips on Managing Stress & Anxiety During Difficult Times

Stay at home orders, climbing infection rates, and general uncertainty are fueling stress and anxiety among people around the world. As employees transition to working remotely or unemployment, [...]

NexGen EAP is Here to Help

"If there’s one thing I know about eni, it’s that every single person in this company cares about you and your people, first and foremost."

Confidence & Calm in Times of Uncertainty

“I need help and guidance while not being able to work due to severe anxiety, and am concerned about job security.” How do you respond?

HR's Glass Slipper: What to Look for in an EAP

Employee Assistance Programs are growing in popularity as more attention is paid to mental health. Studies have shown that businesses using an EAP save between $5 and $16 for every $1 spent.

Self-Care: Tips for Taking Better Care of Yourself

By Tchiki Davis, Ph.D. at Psychology Today It’s so important to make sure you take good care of your body, mind, and soul every day, not just when you get sick. Learning how to eat right, reduce [...]

Keep On Communicating Benefits

Offering top-notch benefits may attract competitive talent, but how much do your employees actually know about those benefits? Competitive Total Rewards Programs come with a lofty price tag that [...]

Looking Ahead: Benefit Trends for 2019

Open enrollment periods are already in full-swing. As employees make benefit selections, HR departments are already looking ahead to next year’s benefit offerings in order to retain their best [...]

Support Your Employees' Financial Health

Even though financial stress and strain may not be apparent among members of your workforce, studies show that about one-third of employees believe their financial concerns are negatively impacting [...]

Crafting an Effective Total Rewards Program

Above-average employee benefits packages have long been tools for employers to entice candidates. With a shift from healthcare cost avoidance to retention, top employers are placing more focus on [...]

Squash Bullying to Protect Your Bottom Line

According to the Employment Law Alliance, almost half of American workers have experienced bullying at work. Common bullying tactics range from humiliation and sabotage, to threats and intimidation, [...]

Create a Modern Workspace

It is no secret that employees who are happy in their environment are more satisfied and productive. Offices designed with comfort in mind represent the organization’s investment in employees’ needs, [...]

You Should Be Encouraging Employees to Take Time Off

Employee burnout is becoming a common affliction in organizations across the country. With 24 hour access to email, many employees continue to think about and access work long after the workday has [...]

Try Building Trust to Inspire Innovation

How do you attract, support and retain the best talent in the industry? That question is top of mind for every HR Department in an economy that appears to place a great deal of opportunity in the [...]

The Benefits of Promoting Wellness in the Workplace

Though employers are not expected to provide wellness programs as they are required to offer healthcare coverage, many organizations are making an effort to promote well-being across their workforce. [...]

HR In the News: Preventing Workplace Violence

Violent incidents have become increasingly common in public areas across the country. Nightly news broadcasts and search engine home pages have been littered with reports of violence, particularly in [...]

Improve the Online Benefit Enrollment Experience

eni’s BalanceBenefits Call Center Support Services for Online Benefit Enrollment provide high-volume companies with benefit enrollment support during busy enrollment times, and provides and delivers [...]

Engage and Retain Your Multi-Generational Workforce!

Are you finding it challenging to retain your top Millennial talent? Do you find you are not getting the return on all the money you invest in recruiting and retaining Millennial employees? Is it [...]

eni in the News

eni is so proud to announce that our CEO and Industry Thought Leader, Gene Raymondi, was published multiple times in 2016 in leading industry publications. Here at eni, we strive to provide [...]

eni: One of 2017’s Best Companies to Work for in NYS

eni is pleased to announce that it has been named one of the Best Companies to Work for in New York State for 2017. eni will be honored at a public awards dinner to be held at the Hilton Albany on [...]

Life Event Technology

With the myriad of software and mobile apps designed to simplify benefit administration, the focus shifts from meeting employee needs to consolidating employee benefits. Employees become lost in a [...]

Engaging Millennials

The Millennials are coming, the Millennials are coming … the Millennials are here! Armed with shiny smart phones, mobile devices, and cloud based technology, this knowledgeable group of technological [...]

Creating Connection – Increasing Engagement

Connection and engagement are two very popular buzz words in the HR industry today. We all have an idea as to what they mean, but how do we make these words personal and meaningful for our employees? [...]

Brokering Communication Across Generations

How can brokers remain responsive and connected to their clients while aggressively pursuing new partnerships? In today’s fast paced and competitive landscape, brokers are often pressed to provide [...]

BalanceBenefits and the Mobile Broker

Brokers are always looking for new opportunities to effectively partner with their customers. Providing ongoing, effective benefit education, communication, and support for companies and their [...]

The “Appification” of HR

Are you ready to increase employee engagement and communication? There’s no better way than eni’s BalanceBenefits Mobile App! It puts “All Your Benefits In The Palm of Your Hand!” and, it’s driven by [...]

Employee Benefits: How They Benefit You

Welcome to eni’s BalanceBenefits! We are expert designers of integrated benefit solutions, individually tailored to meet your unique and evolving benefit needs!

Balance Your Benefits… Balance Your Life

Let’s face facts: Benefits are not a subject that typically comes up in casual conversation, unless of course you’re an actuary and developing risk models is your field of work. But for the rest of [...]

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